insta story like a pro: my favorite apps for curated insta stories




Stories are the new feed. Feed is the new blogging. And blogging is dead. I’m kidding. I’m writing this on a blog. Blogging is not dead. But it’s no longer the first place people go to consume content. It’s more like an archive. A print magazine. Imagine Elle Woods kicking it back on a pool floaty with an issue of Glamour for the afternoon. That’s how people read blogs. On a lazy afternoon when they have time to read ten articles or binge 15 youtube videos in a row. But no one starts there anymore. I repeat. No one starts there anymore.

Wanna be relevant? What’s that? You’ll print your resume on pink paper too if it means you’ll get more reach? Oh Elle, how we love thee. So what’s a girl to do? Insta Story. That’s what. Why? I could give you a mo’ proper answer with stats and stuff, but stats are boring and here’s a real life answer. You know what I do every night before going to bed? I don’t scroll through my Instagram feed. I don’t read blogs. I don’t check emails (why there always so many?!)

I TALK TO MY FRIENDS ON FACETIME. They tell me about all the products they’re loving, what crappy things they’re going through and how they’re handling it, and they tell me really really funny stories. Except they’re not my friends. It’s not facetime. And I don’t even know them. (Cue Mean Girls: “Do you even go to this school?”) They have no idea who I am. They’re bloggers, Instagrammers, and people I follow on Instagram. AND I WATCH EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of their insta stories.

Still not sold? About a year ago I started asking people “how did you hear about me?” or “what helped you decide to buy x product” I DON’T EVEN NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY SAID CUZ YOU ALREADY KNOW. Also, my revenue doubled when I started doing Insta Stories almost every day, so I’mma just leave that right there. Are we excited about being better at stories yet?! Say yes. Ah I was hoping you’d say that. What’s that? You want a tutorial?! GIRL I GOT YOU. Here’s a little trick I picked up for creating more curated Insta Stories without being on your phone all day because ain’t nobody got time for that. Enjoy! And don’t forget to tag me @shannanmonson in your stories so I can see what you create!