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My social media sites have only been live about 6 weeks, but despite my IG following being small (I have almost 350 on IG, Facebook is only like 120), they are extremely loyal and responded SO WELL to everything!


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  • Registration Page Visitors: 178
  • Registrants: 75 (sign up rate 42%)
  • Live Attendees: 37 (show up rate 49.3%!)
  • Purchases at $97: 13!! (35%!!)



I’m so excited! I almost tripled my goal, and I thought my goal was ambitious in the first place. I’m SO stoked to be running this bootcamp-everyone is on board & ready to dive in and the first coaching call is tonight! I cannot wait to get feedback and refine this program! I LOVE this process and I can’t wait to tweak and do it all again next month!