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So I was the world’s most hesitant ever to buy the course…because everyone is selling courses these days…and I didn’t want to just be another sale to someone that wouldn’t actually invest in my success. I was SUPERRR blessed to connect with Brittany and Shannan and they really assured me that there weren’t just going to run away when I needed help!

So…I took a leap of faith and bought the course- but…I told myself that if I bought it, I had to do the course in a week and then create my webinar within two! I was determined to put the promise to the test and I did. I purchased the course and then had my webinar exactly three weeks later!

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    • Webinar registrations: 200+
    • Show-up rate: 50%
    • Live purchase rate: 10%!!!


    Un. Freaking. Real. Sooooo after TEN (yes, ten) years of blogging and barely making anything–I made more than I ever could have imagined within a 21 day period! Best part? Now it’s alllll done and ready to be set on autopilot for my next bootcamp! Seriously the best feeling ever. I just wanted to share how successful this model is!