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Before inner circle I was making about $1500/month and had  about 7 clients/month. The Nutrition Addiction was a blog that I monetized by seeing a few clients per month and I  was constantly wondering what was next and how I could scale. I was making money, but not enough for ME to be comfortable.

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I made $4000 my first launch. So more than doubled my income (not that you can’t do math) but I just realized that which is cool and had about 22 clients/month.


Now, The Nutrition Addiction is an ACTUAL business and I can very clearly see how I will monetize it in a way that will make me more than comfortable. I feel like I have the formula now and I know the number of clients I have now is VERY good for the number of followers I have and how big my list is.


Megan’s Story


S: We don’t have to go into promo mode. It’s OK if you keep eating it and eating your food. But I’m so excited. I’m very excited to hear all these things. I’ve been trying so hard to not ask you questions. Obviously hasn’t been working. What I wanted to start off with is just, where you were at before you started this whole webinar go back to August? (break for chit chat)

M: In August, I was at a point where I was doing one-on-one coaching and selling meal plans. Probably making honestly a max of $2,000 a month, but was still feeling like I was working all the time, like, “how am I going to possibly make more money where I’m at right now? I can’t keep going like this. I’ve got to change it up.”

S: Talk to me about what you did differently with the webinars, and what that process looks like.

M: Well first, actually, I kinda forgot about this, but at some point in the summer (I think it was right around August or maybe right before that) I did a boot camp with a friend. It was totally her idea. I just did all the nutrition stuff. She did the workout stuff, and while there was a decent amount of work that went into it to begin with, we made collectively like $2,500 and I was like, “Oh!” It was fun, I enjoyed it a lot more, and I thought, “I kinda want to do this. I don’t really want to partner. How can I keep this going?”

So I joined the Inner Circle. It was perfect timing, and I was able to kind of go back and use stuff that I had already created, to kind of piece it together. I created this Metabolism Makeover program, which just made sense, because I’m constantly talking about metabolism with my one-on-one clients. Really, what I wanted to, do was take my one-on-one clients, everything I do with them, and just turn it into a one month program, so that I could reach a lot more people at a lower price.

S: You did this boot camp with a friend, were like, “this is a good idea.” So then walk me through what you did next. How did you pick a topic for your webinar? For your boot camp? Talk me through your first go through.

M: I didn’t actually have the program created. I had some piecemeal stuff, but I just did the webinar first and then created the program after. For the webinar, I made a list of things that people ask me about that, that people seem to come to me about with questions, what makes me unique, and the first thing that I landed upon and was alcohol, because it is something that a lot of people talk to me about, because I’m pretty candid about alcohol, and I call myself the Vodka Loving Dietitian. I just thought it was something that was unique that other people aren’t teaching.

I just went from there. I created my webinar are based around “how to drink alcohol, and still lose weight.” And I let that lead into, “obviously this is a problem that a lot of people have when it comes to weight loss. So let me solve that for you. But also, there’s a much bigger problem. That (alcohol) is just a piece of a much bigger picture.” And that led into my Metabolism Makeover. So I solved that small problem for them, but then I said like “look, if you really want to take it to the next level, you need to focus on these six other things, not just what you’re drinking one day a week.”

S: So you sold your first Metabolism Makeover Bootcamp. Was it successful? What happened? And then how did he use that feedback to then go to where you are now?

M: So yeah, it was really successful. I was shocked. I thought like, “Oh, I’m going to sell like five.” and I think I sold like 17 or something, and I was so happy. I basically just gathered all of the questions that I got that came in (from paid boot camp members).

I dumped it into a document. I went back and, improved it month, by month. But then I got to a point where I wanted to appeal to a different audience, rather than just people that drink alcohol. So, my next step was, I went back, and I actually went back to my old list, of my original brain dump. I added some stuff to it, and then, ‘cause at that point I knew I had a better idea of the value that I was providing people in the Metabolism Makeover, and I was looking back at their feedback of like “this is why the metabolism makeover worked for me.” and “this is how it changed my life.” And I started pulling stuff out of that.

My new (webinar topic brainstorm) list was just a few things, and I just took it to social media, really. And I was like, “Hey, what are you struggling with more? What do you want to learn more about this or this?” And I just ran a poll, like very simply, and it was very clear that people really had issues with cravings. To be honest, you see a billion people running classes or webinars or whatever on cravings. But I felt like I had a little bit of unique perspective, because I talk a lot about science. So, I’m like, “OK, let’s turn this more into like not how to curb your cravings, but how to stop cravings to begin with by using science.”

I was using a pretty broad topic that I know I’d bring a unique perspective too and that people struggle with, and that I knew could very easily lead into a sale.

That’s what I did. I created a whole new webinar. I created all new sales copy. Honestly, I think my, my topic was great, all of that was executed well, but I think the biggest thing was that I really put myself in this “emotionally,” like I shared stories about myself that I don’t even know that I told my best friends, and that’s what they connect with. It’s not just selling a meal plan, it’s like selling this connection with people. I had so many emails afterwards that were like, “you know, I cried three times during your webinar.” I think that’s really important. What I’ve learned through this whole process is that it’s not just about, you know, selling something to someone, you have to connect with them.

S: How do you feel like doing those past boot camps, your very first one with a friend, and then your first webinar helped you to understand your customer and be able to connect with them? Do you feel like you could have done what you did just now, without knowing what you know?

M: No. This is something that you have to keep doing. You have to keep repeating it because you have to keep listening. You think you know what someone wants, and you don’t necessarily. To be honest with you, my first webinar about alcohol, that was so fun and people loved it, but it wasn’t the best thing for my program. Like this most recent one I did was. Because my conversion doubled. But I wouldn’t have known that without running it a few times, listening to what my customers were saying to me each and every time. I was making money in the process, so great! It’s not like it was a waste of time. It wasn’t at all. I was learning the entire time, and was able to get to a point where I knew exactly what they needed, and then I created a webinar that killed it because I was listening the whole time.

S: And you made money in the process the whole time before. To hear you say that you know your people so well that you can evoke crying emotions in the best possible way to get them to take change – that, to me, makes me so excited! To connect with your people on that level, that’s very impressive. I’m so excited for you. I want to just celebrate and talk about where you’re at right now. Tell us what are your wins right now? Where are you at in your business right now? Talk to me a little bit about what’s possible, and does this change what you’re thinking is next?

M: My goal coming into the Inner Circle (and in general) was to create something that I could have passive income on. That was my number one goal. I wanted to figure out what that is. And so now I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve done this enough time, and I understand what my people need, and I know how to teach them and then sell to them.

My biggest wins are that I feel like I really know how to talk to my audience now and I can sell to them and I can connect with them, and I’m to a point where I can now take this program and I can turn it into something that I can automate, and that I know is going to work. I’m not saying I don’t have to keep talking to them. I do. I obviously will, but I can put it on automation now, because I know because I know what I’m doing works.

S: I’m stoked for you. Will you share your numbers from your lunch and before you said you were making about $2,000 a month. What does your business look like now and what are your business plans for Q2?

M: Last month I did a launch, it was my smallest launch, and it was kind of a “down” month anyway, so I wasn’t super surprised. But I thought, “Well what can I do to like kind of amp it up this month since I didn’t do that well?” What I was hearing from people was like, “Man, I wish we had another meal plan at the end.” A lot of people were repeating the meal plan, so I created an all new one, and I sold it to just Metabolism Makeover (buyers) – I haven’t sold it to anybody else, just Metabolism Make over people, and I made a decent amount. It wasn’t like, “Oh God!” But it was decent.

M: So, um, what did you ask me? I just lost my train of thought.

S: Where financially, where is your businesses now? Where are you now? And where do you project you’re going to be in the future because of this process? How much money did you make this month?

M: This month I made $11,000.

S: That’s amazing. Yeah. Break it down, where it came from and what that looked like?

M: Yeah. $9,000 came from the boot camp from Metabolism Makeover, about $1,200 came from my meal plan that I created, $800 was one-on-one, and then $100-$200 came from random meal plans that I sold. So yeah, so it’s probably a little over a little over $11,000.

S: That’s really cool that as you’ve grown your group coaching program, you’ve scaled back on the one-on-one, because that was the majority of your income before. Right? You want to talk about that a little bit?

M: Yeah. I got to the point where it wasn’t a huge fan of the one-on-one much, but I really love the group coaching, so my hope in this whole thing was to only go to group coaching, but then sell a more premium price for my one-on-ones for those people that really need me, because there are some people that really just need the one-on-one, they can’t do the group, they have a bunch of like random issues. I upped my pricing quite a bit, and just said, “If you want to pay it, great!” And then even just like my meal plans, I honestly don’t know why people buy them, because I don’t think they’re worth it. They’re more expensive. Why not just join the Metabolism Makeover? But if you’re going to pay for it, I’ll do it.

S: How has that changed your life? I know how soul crushing you felt about one-on-one coaching.

M: I’m just a lot happier because I’m doing what I love. Now like now I feel like I’m making enough money with my group coaching, which requires a considerable amount less time, now that it’s already created, that I can focus on doing other fun things.

Last week I did like a corporate wellness event thing and just little things like that, that I probably would have had to say in the past, “no, I just don’t have enough time unless you’re going to pay me like a ton of money.” But that’s the kind of thing I love to do. So, you know, just little things like that, that I get to go do now, that I really enjoy. I love teaching. I just love, love, loved teaching, and so now I’m able to do some of that stuff and play around with it. Even if it’s something that I’m not going to make a ton of money on at the moment. It’s something that I love, something that’s already like brought in other customers for me. I’m just able to do more of what I love and I’m less stressed.

S: Good. I’m not fishing at all. Completely curious, because you said before you felt like how like you were working so hard, how could you possibly work more, so I’m curious. Then, you were making $2,000 a month. You just closed to $11,000 a month. How would you compare like how much you were working then versus how much you’re working now?

M: I’m not necessarily working less. I think I’m still working a lot. But now I feel like the work that I’m doing is making an impact. It’s making me money. I feel like I’m running a business now, and I’m not just like doing blog posts all the time and being on social media all the time, because that’s how I was bringing in customers, but I wasn’t bringing in enough to really sustain myself doing that all the time. And then I was spending all the rest of my time just on-one-on one clients and making meal plans. I was bored, I was uninspired, none of that was stuff that I really even wanted to be doing.

Now I’m doing things that I love and I might be working as much but it doesn’t feel like it. And I can also feel like now that I can take more time off, like this weekend for example, I took a full four days off, and I just did whatever I wanted, I didn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t like, “oh my God, like I should be doing this. I should be posting this session.” I was like, “whatever dude. I don’t need to do that. I’ll just get back on it next week.”

S: I love that because I feel like a lot of people think like, “oh, I can just like, you know, print money in my sleep.”

M: I worked my butt off! I was working 14 hour days, 16 hour days every day last week. But you have to do that every once in a while. You still got to keep going.

S: But now you get a turn on an evergreen webinar, and make money while you’re on vacation.

M: Then I can think of something else cool that I can do. I can move on to the next thing, and I can still have some money coming in.

S: I’m stoked for you. The last question. I just want to hear, how does this change the way that you see the future of your business?

M: I’m limitless now. Before, there was definitely this thought of, “there’s a ceiling. I can’t get beyond this, or I’m going to kill myself (working too hard)” and now I feel like, “OK”, I can picture in my mind now, “OK, I could hire someone probably in a few months, and this is how it would look, and this is what they would do, and this is how I would pay for it.”

There’s constantly things running through my mind of different programs I could do. Before, it seemed like, “well like I could never do that.” And now I’m like “yeah, like of course I could. Why not?” Because I’m feeling like now I understand how to scale, and I’m understanding so much more on how to sell, and not in a way where it is like “selling.” Like Metabolism Makeover, I don’t feel like I’m selling it. I’m like, “you’re an idiot if you don’t do this.”

S: You’re selling the crap out of it, but you’re doing it right. When you’re doing it right, you’re not selling.

M: Exactly.

S: Anything else that you want to add? I’m so proud of you, Megan. I know how hard you’ve been working, and I think a lot of people think, “it’s easy for you.” It’s not like you were able to work less. You probably have been working more, but to get to a place where you and Andy can go on a trip for a week, and I mean we’re literally, I’m leaving for Orlando in two hours. I’m going to make a lot of money this week while I sit by the pool, and the price is that I had to stay up all night making ads. That hustle never goes away. Not to be narcissistic, but I see so much of myself in you, and I’m just so proud of you because you have what it takes.

M: Yeah, I think so too. I’m, I’m really proud of myself. I’m not going to lie. We were having some drinks on a patio on Sunday and I just looked down and I go, “I just made $400.” To me that’s a lot, just sitting there having drinks. Like I’m like, “OK, like hell yes, this is, this is what I want my life to be, and I have no problem working.” I think I’ve told you this, but it’s almost been a blessing that we’ve had so much financial struggle this year with opening the bar, because it does make you be like, “Yeah, I need to do this. I can’t just sit around and let it come to me.” You have to go after it. I’m glad and I’m glad I quit bartending. I didn’t say this, but I probably shouldn’t have, but I was like, “I’m getting lazy because I’m making over a thousand dollars a weekend. So, no, I’m quitting. I’m going to quit, and I’m just going to throw myself into this.

We were having some drinks on a patio on Sunday and I just looked down and I go, “I just made $400.” To me that’s a lot, just sitting there having drinks.
S: I love hearing that from you, because when people ask me how I do it, I’m like, “What do you mean? Are you just not going to feed your kids?” There’s not an alternative.

M: Right? Yeah.

S: I wasn’t going to ask you, but if you don’t mind sharing, what’s Andy’s (husband’s) response been to all of this?

M: He’s the most supportive.

S: Yeah he’s been so supportive, but is he —

M: He’s more supportive of me than I’m supportive of me. I’ll be like, “we’re not going to be able to pay rent this month. I’m going to die.” And he’ll be like, “It’s fine. You’ll just do it. Whatever.” He’s amazing.

S: I know he’s always known that you can do it, because I know he’s been so supportive all along the way, but has he been a little bit like surprised or blown away? What was this reaction after this launch?

M: I wouldn’t say surprised. He’s never surprised when I succeed. He’s always like, I don’t know why you’re acting like you’re shocked that you did this, but he is so proud. He doesn’t necessarily say it to me, but like I’ll go with friends and they’ll be like, “Andy didn’t shut up about your launch this month. I feel like I know everything about it.” He’s really, really proud of me, which is cool.

S: That makes me really happy. It’s just amazing to me how much of an impact that is. And I see people that aren’t necessarily in unhealthy relationships, but there’s something to be said for like a partner who just –

M: Oh yeah, I know. I don’t know if I could have done it, if I had someone that was questioning me, or thinking that I couldn’t do it; I probably would’ve given up.

S: Or like “who cares if you do it or not?” You know what I mean? Like, “we’re good.”

M: Or that. Yeah. Yeah. No, that’s gotta be really hard.

S: I know talking about you with everything in the bar. We were going through a lot of similar things. It’s very different because it’s a very different scale. And I just think like everything that we’re complaining about that so hard, that’s literally why we’re here. That’s literally why you can create an Evergreen Webinar, and your perspective, and the fact that never once in the past year of working with you, how long has he been? Never once, Megan, have I heard you say, “this sucks. I failed. It’s bad.” It’s incredible. Your ability. Your resilience­­ and your ability to look at things objectively and say like, “OK, what do we do next? What do we do?” instead of saying…I never heard you say “the alcohol class was, was crap because it didn’t keep growing.” I never once heard you say that. I’m just really proud. You’re a tough broad.

M: I do have my moments, but I let myself have my moment, and then I move on.

S: Yeah, I know. I mean we all have our moments, but it’s one thing to have your moment, and it’s another thing to like wallow in it for three months, and not doing anything else. So I’m going to let you get back to life, because I know you have a million things to do today, but it’s really appreciate your sharing your experience. It means the world to Brittany and I, and I mean, you know, if there’s anything that we can do for you, we were just like bend over backwards because this is what I want for every single one of you, but this is what I want for you for the most, the most. Because you’ve worked the hardest and they will like very openly say that like nobody else was bartending at night, and working VA jobs during the day and not like, I’m just so. You should be so proud.

M: Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m a little tired but I had a blast. I’ve told you this a million times but I’m so grateful for you guys too because it’s, this has been really incredible. This experience.

S: Don’t try and kill yourself over doing another webinar, because I’ve done a year’s worth of webinars, and there’s 2 that were gold. There’s something to be said for those comments and interactions and stuff like that. So, I would just try and take this one.

M: I’m going to. I’m going to watch it again, and watch my pitch and everything, to make sure that – yeah. And I’ll just base my offering around that.

S: If you get caught on anything, ask Brittany, because she’s a genius at that. I’d be able to like, “crap I said this.” And she’s like, “nope, we’ll just do that.” So we’ll make it work for sure.

M: I will. Hey, have fun in Disney.

S: Have fun with Andy this week, and good luck with bar stuff sending you good vibes.




Megan completed the Icon Certification process as part of a small cohort as an Inner Circle Mastermind member.