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Founder, Sandra Greenbank Nutritional Therapist

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I taught a free class on how to prevent miscarriage using diet and lifestyle approach.

  • PRE-SELL: offered a 4 week fertility bootcamp
  • DELIVERED: 4 weeks of LIVE coaching
  • FINAL PRODUCT: added 1:1 clients


I think I had about 100 people registered, 80 or so turned up, and 24 sign-ups at £95. As part of promoting the webinar I also got 3 x 1:1’s signed up to my premium coaching package (£1650) so in 2-3 days I banked about £7K! At the last minute I thought I’d up-sell a smaller 1:1 package to the group members at the very end and I’m literally overrun with takers!

But more importantly than the money, I have loved the whole process and so have the group members. I really feel like I’ve gone from a place overwhelm to feeling like I have a viable business that I also love.