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Founder, Dear Self & Co

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I taught a free class on how to find your gift to make an impact and lead a fulfilling life

  • PRE-SELL: offered a 4 week mindfulness bootcamp
  • DELIVERED: 4 weeks of LIVE coaching + trainings + meditations
  • FINAL PRODUCT: mindfulness course

When I launched the offer on the page, people said sign me up and asked some questions but ZERO sales that night. Two days later, I made my first sale. I kept writing valuable email sequences, shared a bit on my insta stories, Insta post, made a couple iGTV videos, did FB + IG LIVE once, announced it on my podcast episodes, went back to my DMs to have conversations with people who have asked me questions in the past, utilized my mastermind, networks and resources.

No sales for a whole week but LOTS of relationship building. Then when it came to cart closing, sales started trickling in and I made the majority of the sales within the past 5 days (when the cart already closed). Total Sales as of Date: 9! Perfect number for the deeper work we do.



I am so grateful for this genius of a model, how it’s literally changing the dynamics of my business (less 1:1’s) and cannot wait to use this model for future launches. I hope this gives you valuable insight and confidence to just go for it and share your gifts with the world!